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Because it is seriously the best roleplaying game of the 80's vision of the future there is.

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Ability Draft - A Year in Review 2020

A Year in Review
I normally post one of these yearly recapping the year that is Ability Draft after all the excitement from the Battle Pass and TI is over, this year we are later then normal but It has been a crazy year for AD.
Who am I? Well it is I, RGBKnights the Admin for Abilitydraft, builder of tools, keeper of combos, and your guide to the wonder world of Ability Draft. I have made it my personal mission to get as many people playing ability draft as possible. When most people think of Ability Draft they think of perpetual bugs, extreme combinations, or that weird mode no one plays but after thousands of ability draft games over shown me that AD unlocks the next level of Dota2!
Before we dive into the exciting stuff as with every year the basics.

What is Ability Draft (AD)?

Players are given a random hero from Ability-Draft enabled heroes. Each players' abilities are put into a pool. Players take turns selecting abilities from the pool, given mere seconds for each choice. Each player selects three normal abilities and one ultimate.

Who plays AD?

From last year to this we lost the 1% we gained the year before and are sitting about avg active player base of ~70K. Most games are played in the SEA region but they also have on avg the shortest games. For the first time ever we have been able to track down the best AD players in the world in a effort pioneered by HGV-Desolator and championed by Ability Draft Statistics with AD specific mmr and leaderboards!
AD Leaderboard

A Year in Review

It has been a great year for AD! The community had a lot of fun inside and out of game.

Midas Mode Sponsor

We jump back to all most this time last year the AD community spearheaded by yours truly sponsored Midas Mode 2 by picking up SkyChicken in the hero auction and sent u/TheCanadianChicken in a massive inflatable chicken suit to make sure it was picked and recruit some personalities into loving embrace that is AD!

ADCL in House League

2020 kick off with the frist public league for AD in some time. Run by FreshPeaches and Carsense4fun and while limited to a North American division and not with out some issues was a success and a lot of fun to boot! congratulations to the Season 1 champions: carsense4fun, nikzorz, EigenV3ctor, and tricxterlad.

Ability Draft Guide Contest

Over on Abilitydraft we held our frist contest for community guide. Congratulations to u/Pajooba whom claimed Community Guide Award! Think you can do better? Drop by and submit a Guide!

New Heroes

While last year was the year of the heroes as when we end the year we only had Earth Spirit, Invoker Lone Druid, and Morphling left out of the pool... I personally thought, as well did others, that these heroes are just too different to be included AD. Boy were we wrong, since last year each of these heroes have been added in unique and interesting ways. The last of which was Invoker who has is so crazy different he got custom abilities just for AD! He is heavily adapted so make sure to read up on him changes for this mode.

More Abilities

While this time last year the number of abilities that would left multiple dozens (~30). Slowly over the year these abilities have been included. Firstly, because Valve was able to fix the hotkey issues that plagued AD for years. Secondly, that fix combined with linking granted abilities to specific abilities meant that flood gates where thrown up to include spells granted by Aghanim's Scepter (under the rule they need to be linked to ultimate abilities to avoid hotkey issues). With this change a bunch of innate hero abilities where moved to skills. Silencer's innate Intelligence Steal and infuse allies with Aghanim's Scepter for example where moved to the abilities. Currently there is only ~20 abilities excluded some of which we are hoping will one day be added...

Major Bug Fixes

Melee vs Range shenanigans has been wangled in with many more small fixes being reported on often with fixes soon to follow. Found a bug in AD, want it fixed? Drop by the discord or subreddit to submit the issue including a match id for triage.

AD Specific Tooltips

The biggest change to AD since 7.00 update! AD was a mess of inside knowledge that limited even the most experienced Dota player's ability to successfully jump into an AD game. Most of inside knowledge has know been made available in the form of AD notes.
AD Notes


You draft a great build but have a sinking realization that your talents are useless. NO MORE! Instead you will get temped with gold for missing abilities. The gold is 150, 250, 500, 750 Based on the talents level.

Chat Suggestions

For a long time we have been able to ping abilities while drafting but this often caused confusion on if the ping was for someone to take it or if you where requested them to leave it for you. There is no longer this confusion as we have pings for both!
Chat Suggestions


This year has been a exciting year for AD tools and stat collection!

High Ground Vision (HGV)

As always everything we do at HGV is open source. We have retired Desolator project as we did not want to create confusion with the results Ability Draft Statistics are producing which are way better then what we at HGV where able to produce.
We are currently work on a few new tools for ability draft players. The frist of which we are calling the Ability Matrix a pairing of abilities with if they work together sourced by the community. Something similar to:
Fiery Soul Essence Aura Aftershock
Ball Lightning Unknown Yes Yes
Mana-shield No Yes No
Phase Shift No Unknown No
Thanks to u/TheCanadianChicken & u/Tubssss for the genesis for this tool.


ABPick The ability draft simulator! Shoutout to u/Crye for their wonderful work!
Here are it's features: - Select ultimate skills and populate the corresponding normal skills - Hover over any skill and get instant details about the pick order, win rate, and chance of survival - Get instant insight into the top skills of the draft, ordered by pick order, chance to survive the next pick, and win rate - Follow along with the draft and filter out picked skills - Create a room for friends, everyone can participate with populating picks.

Ability Draft Statistics

Ability Draft Statistics Came into the the picture in late August directly inspired by the work we have done at HGV but looked to correct some critical issues with out stat collection. Shoutout to u/Noxville & u/Bukka for their wonderful work!
Some Highlights: - aggregate hero winrates over the last few patches (last 2 "major" patches and all subpatches) - aggregate ability stats (pick %, win %, avg pick #, 'value') in the last major patch (i.e. 7.27*) - per ability winrate & pickrate distribution by pick # (see how late you can afford to delay your picks!) - ability pairs (winrates, synergy) - player skill tracking (put in your Steam ID to see your rank and position in the skill distribution) - leaderboards (regional and overall) - a prediction game guessing game.

Speical Shoutout

This years shoutout goes to the HarryPotterClan the best AD meme stream on twitch! Park your red men and let them know RGBKnights sent you. If you are a video creator AD streamer I want to hear from you.

The Future

Crystal Ball

As normal I will attempt to guess at what is next for AD. Last year I even got some right!

Closing Statement

If this was a race I would say we are on the home stretch now with so little missing and many fixes / features to make AD far more predictable / stable but to where? I believe we are edge of something big. Now has never been a better time to jump into AD!
Thanks to all that play and enjoy the mode making the AD community so great! Thanks to the developers that support this Mode!
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Review 2020 purchases

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Efficacy of Ketamine in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review [2020]

Efficacy of Ketamine in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review [2020] submitted by oneultralamewhiteboy to DrugNerds [link] [comments]

Diet and Dermatology: The Role of a Whole-food, Plant-based Diet in Preventing and Reversing Skin Aging—A Review [2020 May]

Diet and Dermatology: The Role of a Whole-food, Plant-based Diet in Preventing and Reversing Skin Aging—A Review [2020 May] submitted by srid- to ScientificNutrition [link] [comments]

How youtube movie reviews (2020) cheapen critical theory

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Manchester United U23 Academy October review 2020/21

October was a definite improvement for the U23 Academy side, as Premier League 2 saw them go unbeaten with draws against Arsenal (3-3) and Blackburn Rovers (2-2) and a first league win of the season as they beat Everton (2-1) with a 97th minute penalty scored by Ethan Galbraith. Unfortunately, the month closed out with 1-0 defeat to a superb Chelsea side in the re-arranged FA Youth Cup semi-final (technically this was last season’s U18 side, this is primarily the current U23 side).
The biggest squad development this month is the decision to loan Di’Shon Bernard to Salford City until January. This has led to Teden Mengi stepping back into the U23 setup and he has returned to the side as though he never left, winning one of my ‘top performers’ of the month alongside Anthony Elanga (again) and Joe Hugill who has now scored 5 goals since joining the Academy in the summer. It was also exciting to see the debut of United’s new signing, 18 year old Facundo Pellistri from Penarol, who looked good in his first club outing against Everton, along with Marcos Rojo (it’s been a while since I’ve seen him in a United shirt!) and Brandon Williams playing on the right side of defence, which is the side where his senior playing time might come following the signing of Alex Telles.
The most used XI during October has been:
Mastny; Fernandez Carrera, Mengi, Fish, Ercolani; Galbraith, McCann; Elanga, Mejbri, Shoretire; Hugill.

Top performances

Anthony Elanga (1 goal, 2 assists)
Elanga once again has been the stand out player of the month, his form dipped a little early in the month but he was superb against Everton giving everything to help the reds secure their first league win of the season (he was very literally flat on his back at the final whistle) and in the FA Youth Cup semi-final against Chelsea where he almost scored a stunning goal on an attempted overhead kick to dink the ball over the keeper, unfortunately hitting the cross bar. He has continued to terrorise full backs from his favoured left-wing position and even put in a 45-minute stint playing as a number 9 in the Everton game. More of the same please, Anthony!
Teden Mengi
With Di’Shon Bernard going on loan to Salford City, Teden has stepped back into the U23 set up and taken on the captaincy in the process. Despite a lack of game time, his quality has been clear and unusually it has resulted in the U23’s losing a player to loan and not taking a step backward. Teden stood out particularly against Chelsea, where United were being battered for periods of the game, he was unwavering at the centre of defence and helped keep the team in the game when it could easily have gotten away from them. It has been really encouraging to see that Teden is playing at least as well as he did last season and it will be fascinating to see whether he gets any opportunities for senior game time now, with his path possibly blocked by a resurgent Axel Tuanzebe.
Joe Hugill (3 goals, 1 assist)
Joe has a superb scoring record during the first 2 months of his United career, with 5 goals and 1 assist in 5 appearances across U18 and U23 level. His work rate is reliably high, he can hold the ball up well and seemingly has a natural poacher’s instinct to be in the right place at the right time. His two goals against Blackburn Rovers typified this, with both coming from around 6 yards out. Perhaps the Hugill highlight for me was his assist for Elanga’s goal against Everton where he unselfishly played a perfectly timed ball to Elanga to score what proved to be the winning goal.

Other notable performances

Hannibal Mejbri (0 goals, 0 assists)
Mejbri has had a quieter month than he did in September but has been a steady performer (his September had included scoring twice and creating 4 assists) and is certainly one of the most creative players in the squad. Hannibal has been asked to play a little deeper role on occasion, perhaps to develop his tactical awareness or to give him more responsibility to retain possession (if he has one weakness, it is giving away possession too often with misplaced passes) so he will certainly improve for the experience and as always he is a threat that needs to be paid a lot of attention by opponents – Chelsea in particular did an effective job of having multiple players on him whenever he was in possession.
Alvaro Fernandez Carreras
Alvaro is a left back who has joined United from Real Madrid, so expectations are obviously high. He has played his first 2 games for the side this month and has looked very accomplished, working hard and extremely comfortable on the ball. It’s very early days for Alvaro, but he has slotted into the side well and considering the process of adapting to a new club and country he will be going through this is extremely promising (he was ineligible for the Chelsea game, otherwise he may well have started 3 games).
Shola Shoretire (0 goals, 0 assists)
Shola has been a regular for the U23’s this month, despite being only 16 years old. His performances have been solid, and he has not looked at all out of place. Great on the ball and highly creative, he is going to be an asset to the side if he keeps playing like this. At such a young age Shola has to be one of the current U23 players with the highest ceiling and although he isn’t yet at the level of Mejbri and Elanga it is going to be so exciting to watch him progress this season and see how quickly he can get there.

Coming up in November

November sees the return of the EFL Trophy, with the final group game away at Morecambe on Wednesday 18th November, these games are always great opportunities to see how the youngsters match up to senior professionals lower down the football pyramid. There are also Premier League 2 games this month against Brighton (6th Nov), Spurs (22nd Nov) and West Ham (28th Nov).
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DEFTONES Drop One Of Their BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME w/ OHMS (Album Review 2020)

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Outward Review 2020. Is Outward Worth It In 2020?! Underrated Game of the Decade?!

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Ultra‐processed foods and the nutrition transition: Global, regional and national trends, food systems transformations and political economy drivers (Baker P, Machado P, SantosT, et al. - Obesity Reviews. 2020)

Ultra‐processed foods and the nutrition transition: Global, regional and national trends, food systems transformations and political economy drivers (Baker P, Machado P, SantosT, et al. - Obesity Reviews. 2020) submitted by nooobiiiiiiiiiii to ScientificNutrition [link] [comments]

The Corpsman's Apothecary | Matte Clay Review 2020

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25 Dollar 1up Review 2020 | Using This Simple 25 Dollar 1up System

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Manchester United U23 Academy September review 2020/21

September was a mixed month for the Manchester United Academy, with their first season back in Division One of Premier League 2 resulting in 2 defeats from 2 games, whilst the EFL Trophy yielded 2 wins from 2 games
Opening day saw a 2-0 defeat against a strong Leicester City side which was followed up with a battling 5-3 defeat to an experienced Liverpool side. The Academy’s second season in the EFL Trophy brought more positivity, with wins against League Two side Salford City (6-0) and League One side Rochdale (0-0, 5-4 on penalties).
The U23 side has taken shape during the month. As expected, James Garner has gone out on loan with Watford, Dylan Levitt with Charlton Athletic and other loanees include Tahith Chong (Werder Bremen), Matej Kovar (Swindon Town) and Aliou Traore (Caen). There have also been a number of very notable absences due to injury, so Ethan Galbraith, Ethan Laird, D’Mani Mellor and Reece Devine have only managed 2 appearances between the 4 of them. In addition, Teden Mengi has only featured once (against Salford) and it is unclear whether this is due to his training with the senior squad or for other reasons. The most used XI during September has been:
Mastny; Svidersky, Bernard, Fish, Ercolani; McCann, Garner*; Elanga, Mejbri, Wellens; Helm.
*Now on loan at Watford.

Top performances

Anthony Elanga (2 goals, 1 assist)
Elanga has had a fantastic start to the season, beginning with a stand out game against Salford where he looked like he would be able to tear up League 2 if he went on loan to that division, scoring and getting an assist in that game, then continuing to put in solid performances the rest of the month and scoring again against Liverpool when it had looked as though Liverpool were poised to run away with the game. Elanga has pace to burn, can go outside or cut inside equally well and rarely wastes possession, he has also proven that he is happy to work hard and track back when needed, digging out the team defensively on a number of occasions. Elanga is exceeding expectations so far in this young season.
Di’Shon Bernard
Bernard has formed an intimidating partnership with Will Fish over the course of the first month of the season, he has handled the two EFL Trophy games with ease and his experience at this level last season is telling. Di’Shon has shown composure and tactical awareness to ensure he is always in the right position at the right time and had his best game against Leicester City where he was an absolute rock for the team at the heart of the defence, along with tidy distribution and the ability to roam forwards with the ball on occasion. I had expected Di’Shon to be playing alongside Mengi, but it turns out he is the perfect centre back partner for Will Fish instead.
Charlie McCann (2 goals)
McCann didn’t get a proper write up in my season preview (other than being noted as ‘other players worth looking out for this season’), but for me he has been one of the best players in September. McCann reminds me of Michael Carrick in his ability to pick out piercing long passes and deliver the ball with the required accuracy, timing and pace. He has proven to be a workhorse so far this season, keeping the ball moving and the team cohesive from his position in the middle of the park. McCann had his best games in the EFL Trophy against Salford and Rochdale, as well as picking up a goal in the defeat to Liverpool.

Other notable performances

Hannibal Mejbri (2 goals, 4 assists)
Mejbri is now into his second season at United and there seems to be a clamour in some quarters already to have him progress to the senior side. However Mejbri is still only 17 years old and though he is undoubtedly talented a promotion this season would probably be premature. Hannibal had an excellent September, scoring twice and creating 4 assists, and his awareness of the players around him continues to impress me. Again this season, teams are attempting to bully Hannibal out of games and he refuses to be intimidated by this approach, picking himself up every time and hurting opponents with his ability. If he had one weakness, he has given away possession too often with misplaced passes and whilst this is always a risk that creative players have to live with, I think that he can improve in this area before being exposed to Premier League football and making those mistakes on the biggest stage where they could cost United dearly.
Will Fish
Fish has taken the captains armband for the U23’s this season in the absence of Mengi and he has risen to the job well. Fish has looked confident and assured, with good positioning, a physical presence at the centre of defence and good distribution from the back. Both of United’s centre back pairing are comfortable on the ball and this is essential at United where Academy sides are expected to play the ball out from the back, however he is also prepared to pick out a long pass where the opportunity presents itself.
Martin Svidersky (1 assist)
Svidersky wasn’t on my radar at the start of the season, but he has stepped up to the U23’s admirably during September, playing at both left back and central midfield as required, and then finding time to captain the U18’s when not needed by the U23’s. He has shown himself to be a versatile and skilled player and I’ll be interested to watch his progress over the coming months.

Coming up in October

October has started with the U23’s picking up their first point of the season in Premier League 2, drawing 2-2 with a decent Blackburn Rovers side. They’ll now pause for the international break before fixtures against Arsenal (17th), Everton (23rd) and Southampton (30th) to close out October.
United will also have to decide what to do with Ethan Laird, Ethan Galbraith, Teden Mengi and Reece Devine before the 16th October deadline to loan players out to other English clubs.
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Dell XPS 13 9310 Review (2020) | MobileTechReview

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Transfer season review (2020 Summer)

Since it's offically over,are you happy/content/mad with how your team did in transfer season?
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The Empty Man review (2020)

So first of all, this is going to be polarizing. I really loved the movie, but I see most critics didn't, and it's currently hovering around 50% on RT.
I can kind of see their point. If the film was just a horror film, the pacing is way too slow, and there aren't nearly enough horror scenes to justify the 2+ hour runtime. But, just like one of my other favorite films this year, The Lodge, it has enough good stuff outside the pure horror parts to make up for the pacing.
The other half of the genre is philosophy. I first got excited fairly early on when one of the characters started arguing for solipsism. And not in a stereotypical nihilist stoner way, but seriously. There's also a reference to tulpas fairly early on. Without giving too much away, a later portion of the film gets deeper into skeptical philosophy, at one point showing a paper with concepts like "the scientific method is a tool of oppression", and someone semi-convincingly arguing that "right and wrong are exclusionary constructs". Usually, concepts like these are brought up only to be mocked, but the film treats them seriously and actually ties it into the main plot.
I can't think of a single other film that takes philosophy this seriously. I'd love to get other recommendations. There's lots of films that raise philosophical questions, but rarely this directly. Usually it's just "insert philosophy here" scenes, like the way time travel films include the grandfather paradox scene or a bunch of scribbles on a paper. I mean, there's one part here where it just plays over speakers on repeat: "Nothing exists. If something exists, nothing can be known about it. If something can be known about it, it can't be communicated to others. If it can be communicated, it can't be understood."
If the concept of a philosophically justified empty man appeals to you, you'll like this. If you're not into that kind of philosophy and are going just for the horror, you'll probably hate it.
The ending is very good, although it does feel like it doesn't properly tie everything together. If they had done a better job there, I'd be giving it a 10/10. As is, it gets 9/10.
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(Black Speed) HELLRIPPER - Affair of the Poisons album review (2020)

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UK Law Commission Hate Crime Law Review 2020

If you want your opinion or views to be heard please fill in the consultation .
As far as i'm concerned - if you change any Equality Act 'protected characteric' for another , the law should equally apply.
The Law Commission is reviewing the law in relation to hate crime.
For more information about this project, click here.
This is the page to enter your responses for the shorter, summary version of our consultation paper. If you wish to respond to the questions in the longer, full length Consultation Paper please click here.
To start answering our consultation questions, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.
..........FAQ's ............

Respond to our Consultation

Go to the consultation questions
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(Hardcore Punk) HEAVY DISCIPLINE - Heavy Discipline album review (2020)

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(Black Speed) HELLRIPPER - Affair of the Poisons album review (2020)

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Switching from Mid Controls to Forward Controls(Review) 2020 Softail Standard

I am 5'10 with a 30in inseam. I have put 2500 miles on my bike with the factory Mid Controls on it. At first I enjoyed them and did not see them being an issue. After riding for a while I quickly began to realize how uncomfortable they were and my legs felt too long. I would go riding with my friends and we would ride for 1-2 hours at a time. During that time my knees would begin to hurt and go numb from angle they were in. At first I thought I just needed to get used to riding the bike and the pain would go away, but it didn't it continued to get worse.
Finally I began looking at other options. I began reading reviews online about Forward Controls. Most of the reviews said it made the bike feel unstable, especially in corners. I also read that people with legs longer than mine had a hard time reaching the rear brake. After reading and watching all of these things, I found out about Not So Forward Controls. I almost ordered them but ultimately went with the Forward Controls.
I reluctantley ordered the Forward Controls($530.00 US) even after everything I read and watched about them. My friend and I installed them and I went for my first ride with them. As soon as I left the driveway and entered onto the road I could already feel a huge difference. The first thing I noticed is how much more comfortable my legs felt. I also noticed that I was able to shift gears much quicker compared to the Mid Controls. Also with the Mids the rear brake was pretty much non existent and did not work well. With the Forwards the rear brake feels much stronger and actually usable now.
As far as the unstableness of the bike, it definitely feels different but I don't feel like it is as extreme as everything I read and watched said it would be. Cornering does feel slightly less stable, but it is a very very small difference, at least to me.
Overall, this was a great addition to my bike and was well worth the money. I will be able to ride for longer distance without any knee or leg pain. Also the rear brake and gear shifter feel much much better. I think if you own a bike and only want to ride short distances Mids will be fine, but if you want something that will help make your bike an all around bike for long or short distances Forwards are the way to go.
I wanted to write this because I feel like most reviews I saw just focused on leg length and cornering. I feel like there are many positives for Forward Controls that don't get talked about, at least from my experience with them.
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Alien Isolation Review 2020 Game Pass Ultimate

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Draconian - Under A Godless Veil (Full Album Review, 2020)

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Volkswagen T-Cross SUV 2020 in-depth review  carwow ... Best New Cars for 2020 - Latest Cars & SUVs  Edmunds ... BMW 3 Series 2020 ultimate in-depth review  carwow ... Mazda 3 2020 in-depth review  carwow Reviews - YouTube Sea of Thieves Review (2020) - YouTube

09.27.2020 08:00 AM. Review: TCL 6-Series TV. Once again, TCL has made the best television for almost everyone. Save this story for later. Photograph: TCL. Save this story for later. Review: TCL 6 ... Two-minute review. The new iPad 2020 is Apple's best version of its entry-level iPad yet, and even though it hasn't changed much from last year's iPad 2019, it plays an important role as the iPad ... Prime Day 2020; XPS 13 (2020) review; Xbox Series X; PS5; Best laptops; LaptopMag is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission ... Here are the specs of the Razer Blade 15 (2020) sent to TechRadar for review: CPU: 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-10875H (8-core, 16MB cache, up to 5.1GHz) Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 200 Super Max-Q (8GB ... In response to the exceptional circumstances stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, the annual IEA Global Energy Review has expanded its coverage to include real-time analysis of developments to date in 2020 and possible directions for the rest of the year. In addition to reviewing 2019 energy and ...

[index] [5116] [2266] [1596] [3487] [881] [548] [3818] [5481] [5638] [5806]

Volkswagen T-Cross SUV 2020 in-depth review carwow ...

To mark the 4th anniversary and the release of its final hero, we’ve updated our review of Overwatch on PS4, Xbox One and PC. From its now-cherished characte... ***Updated*** Best TV's of 2020 here: I don't think I have said anything like this in the last ten years, but you... Sea of Thieves reviewed by David Jagneaux on Xbox One, also available on PC. We take a fresh look at how Sea of Thieves stands in 2020. #ign #gaming The Edmunds crew hit the ground running at the 2019 New York Auto Show. In this video, we've rounded up our impressions of the most notable vehicle debuts at th... Honda’s Rebel cruiser was the gateway for many into the rip-roaring and fun world of motorcycling. For 2020, Honda has outfitted its budget-friendly Rebel 30...